Looking to hear better in background noise, a hearing aid for tinnitus or a solution no one can see? Today’s hearing solutions are smaller, smarter and deliver better quality of life than ever before. Smartphone connection, rechargeable batteries and the use of machine learning are the latest trends this year. These innovations give a wide range of choice to those that experience hearing loss and tinnitus.

Let’s take a look at the list, these are separated by common priorities with our top pick in each category.

Best Hearing Aid for Ease of Use – Audeo Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Audeo Rechargeable Hearing AidOver the past 20 years, there have been a number of attempts at rechargeable hearing aids. Most rechargeable devices required the use of backup batteries and did not result in cost savings. They were also difficult and confusing to use for many people.

Hearing health professionals will tell you that most hearing aid repairs are related to batteries. The battery door provides a pathway for moisture and dust into the body of the hearing aid. Battery doors break and batteries can rust. The cost of replacing batteries every week is also an issue. The hassle of buying batteries and carrying them is something most hearing aid wearers would prefer to avoid.

Phonak’s rechargeable devices are designed to be as simple as possible. The battery is enclosed in the hearing aid which means it never needs to be changed. This prevents damage by water, dirt and dust. It also makes the hearing aids easier to manage as there is no battery to change. A simple 3 hours charge will keep the devices working for over 30 hours. Simply put the devices in the charger at night as you would with your mobile phone. The lights on the hearing aids make it easy for you to determine when they are charging and fully charged.

Best Hearing Aid for Flexibility – Unitron Moxi All Flex Hearing Aid

Unitron Moxi All Flex Hearing AidThe Moxi All is the latest device from Unitron that works like a Bluetooth headset. It will work with all phones, not only iPhones. The device also has a useful smartphone app that helps the hearing aid wearer easily adjust the settings. They are also very small, sitting behind the ear with a small wire leading into the ear.

These hearing aids work very well with television, a small adaptor sends television signals directly to the hearing aids. The app allows the wearer to easily adjust the television volume as well as hearing aid volume.

These hearing aids also have flex technology which enables them to be upgraded to a higher level of technology. This can be done on a trial basis, allowing hearing aid wearers to ‘try before they buy’.

Best Hearing Aid for Cosmetics – Virto B Mini Canal Hearing Aid

Virto B Mini Canal Hearing AidHearing loss poses challenges for sufferers in all types of environments and daily situations like the car, crowds, restaurants and more. Less noisy external sounds is a high priority for most device wearers. This once meant bulky devices to support multiple microphones, breakthroughs in digitisation have made bulky devices a thing of the past. The latest Virto mini canal devices use a world first process called ‘biometric calibration’ to assist in reducing background sounds. This process measures the exact shape of the hearing aid wearer’s ear to deliver sound accurately into the hearing system. This helps the hearing aid wearer hear speech more clearly and where sounds are coming from.

The great news is that these devices can be made to be virtually invisible! These hearing aids are made to the shape of the hearing aid wearer’s ear and can be made very small. Now hearing aid wearers can have the best of both worlds, better hearing in noise without the devices being obvious.

These mini canal hearing aids also have a white noise sound generator for people experiencing tinnitus or ringing in the ears. This form of sound therapy is only required occasionally as full time hearing aid use normally reduces tinnitus in most people. This is a basic form of tinnitus management and can be helpful in mild cases of tinnitus.

Best Hearing Aid for Tinnitus – Widex Evoke with Zen Hearing Aid

Widex Evoke with Zen Hearing AidFor severe cases of tinnitus, Widex Zen devices provide the widest range of options for tinnitus therapy. Our goal is to take someone that is bothered by tinnitus to someone that experiences tinnitus. Currently, there is no cure for tinnitus. Widex Zen helps reduce tinnitus symptoms and the tinnitus sound by providing a range of sound therapy options.

Widex Evoke hearing aids with Zen also use machine learning to help the wearer hear in noise. This is a new method and has only been on the market for two months. It may be too soon to say how well this technology works for the majority of hearing aid wearers. However, it is exciting to see this cutting edge technology finally used in hearing aids.


There has never been a better time to take the first steps to better hearing aid tinnitus treatment. No hearing aid manufacturer makes the best solution for all lifestyles. This is one of the many reasons why it is highly recommended that you see an Independent Audiologist. As an Independent Audiologist, Andrew Campbell at Campbell Cosmetic Hearing has access to a wide range of brands. With his masters training and over 18 years of experience, he can tailor a solution to your unique needs. Contact us today for an obligation free, complimentary consultation.

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